About Me

You’d think for someone who aims to base her entire career on words, I’d know how to write a profile by now. You’d be wrong.

In terms of past jobs, I started as a singer in a cathedral choir. I left and became a tutor (which greatly taught me patience), moved to making coffee (which only really gave me a caffeine addiction) and then back to teaching (where I learnt that middle-aged men like taking out their mistakes on teenage girls at the beginning of their careers).

My real story, though, started as a creative artist. I wrote around four songs a week, and my favourite part in all of them was the lyrics. When I was medically advised to stop singing, music stopped being such a huge part of my life but I couldn’t just have no creative outlet. Luckily, I picked a creative writing elective and that led me to TFC (thefriendlycritic). There, I found my love and passion for journalism and haven’t stopped since. Writing has taken over my life completely and I willingly submit to it.

“Kitkat is a joy as a colleague, and also as a student because every piece of information or methodology you share is taken and re-interpreted to her own benefit, and the benefit of thefriendlycritic shortly afterwards.” – Ngaire Ruth