Single Review: LEW – You Said

You know those horrendously cheesy montages in films; the main character has some epiphany and takes matters into their own hands? This song makes me want one, ever urging yet uplifting chord sequence giving me the drive that I need to maintain my pace.

“Someone turn the lights out. Can you hear me? I’m trying to break through.”

LEW, from Copenhagen, Denmark, is a singer/songwriter with a genuinely unique style. (A sight for sore eyes to someone based in Guildford where a ‘typical’ singer/songwriter litters every street corner.) LEW creates musical soundscapes both live and synthetic, with emotive and descriptive lyrics.

Having written ‘You Said’ after a quarrel with her boyfriend, it is personal to LEW and you can completely hear that. It explores the idea of two people hearing words being thrown at them but not actually listening or taking it in, and acceptance of not being able to change your past but understanding that you can shape what is yet to happen.

I can’t stop listening to ‘You Said’. It is on repeat as I write this article, read a book, cook a meal, cuddle my constantly attention deprived dog on the sofa with a mug of sencha green tea. Even when my headphones come off, the song continues. It echoes around my head like someone set reverb to full and turned off decay. (My music tech lecturer should be proud.) My day has merged into one clear thought – ‘You Said’. So, in a sense, I did end up getting that montage.

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