Live Review: People In Museums at The Boileroom

“F*ck social media, we’re just gonna play this.”

People In Museums are a doughnut. You think it’s jam because it’s always jam, and suddenly they scream or use a jazz chord, and they were custard all along! You take a bite and immediately the filling is everywhere, your clothes need a wash, the stage is flooded with beer and Google doesn’t understand that you don’t remotely care for the British Museum, rather a music video about space hoppers and bananas.

‘Alex is insecure because his baselines are prettier than him’

Crowd-pleaser, upbeat, catchy bass-riff, the type of song that feels wrong to stand still to.

‘Indie Track in A’

Hushes the crowd, creates a more intimate setting.

‘Andy’s Mum’s Wisley Card’

Jazzier chords, no distractions from raw emotion seeping out (a bit like the custard).

PIM Live

‘Nameless Motion Pt2’

Lulls you in with false pretences of slow, emotional melodies, before becoming fast and almost aggressive, captivating the crowd.


Fun and wordy in the verses, purely instrumental chorus. I defy anyone to listen to it without bopping along.

‘I speak with my eyes, you speak with your mind’

After verbally abusing the bassist for taking too long to retune, our roller coaster journey comes to a close with their single. 

If I had to describe People In Museums in one word, I’d choose ‘effortless’. They feed on a neverending pool of energy and enthusiasm, and share their honest, passionate love of what they do. In fact, they quickly stop being people; they’re instruments in themselves as music takes over and they can’t help but share it with you.

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